What You Need to Know About Darker Skin Tones & Skin Cancer

Victoria Bell

Over exposure to the sun, skin cancer, the usage of SPF and sunburn are often overlooked by POC, People of Color. We tend to believe that we're invincible to the sun, it's ultraviolet rays and the damage(s), that can be caused by not properly conditioning and protecting, our skin. We definitely need to know more about protecting our skin.

Skin cancer can develop in unusual or unnoticeable spots. POC more commonly develop skin cancer in underexposed spots. It's imperative to check your palms, the soles of your feet, underneath your nails, as well as, your armpits for new and/or unusual spots.

Melanoma, skin cancer, age spots and sunburn are all preventable, if we protect our skin. Practicing sun safety DAILY is essential in prevention, tolerance and care. Create good habits to maintain good health and great skin. Stay moisturized, protect your skin. Remember, ultraviolet rays from the sun, penetrates ALL skin tones and types.

Source: Black Girls Sunscreen

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