What Does Organic Cosmetics Mean?

Victoria Bell

This is a tricky question. In order for cosmetics to use the "organic" stamp, they must be certified by the USDA. The term organic is regulated by the USDA, but not by the FDA, which regulates our cosmetics. They are instead regulated by the NOP, which is a division of the USDA. To be certified, a company must use, as least, 70% certified organic ingredients. That's the minimum. However, a product can b certified organic, but still include toxic chemicals. As long as, they are 70% compliant, they are allowed to use the term organic and/or logo.

So what does that mean for you? It means that no matter what a company claims their cosmetics to be, it's up to you to turn over the container and read the label. Organic doesn't necessarily mean clean!

This topic courtesy of @dirtybombshells

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