The Sun Doesn't's Color Blind

Victoria Bell

It is spring and summer is vastly approaching. With that, being said, you will enjoy the wonders of nature ( the beach, hiking, the ocean, trails, etc.) lounging on your deck, playing fetch with your furry family member(s) and so much more. These fun filled activities, may either be for a short span of time or hours on end. Which ever, make sure to apply SPF and finishing serum ( cream ). For the benefits of SPF is Amazing!

First, let's define SPF, Sun Protection Factor. SPF is the key ingredient in sunscreen and finishing serum, commonly known as moisturizer cold cream, etc., which protects our skin from the sun's UVR - ultraviolet radiation rays. It is imperative, to wear both, DAILY!

There are many misconceptions about the application of sunscreen however, who and when to apply, are the two biggest. Let's tackle the first: who. It doesn't matter if you're black, white, purple, orange, green or red.... "Thou Shalt Apply SPF"! Never, leave home without proper coverage. The sun feels good however, how does sun damaged skin feel? I'll answer: painful. 

Also, not only does the sun ages, it also makes dark spots ( hyperpigmentation ) even worse and hinders progress ( Black Girl Sunscreen ). 

Now, let's challenge, the second misconception: when to wear. Ask yourself, this question: "why would I only wear sunscreen during the warmer months (climates), when the sun's radiation, is in the environment EVERY second of the day"? Whether it is raining, snowing, cloudy, winter, etc., make sure to apply sunscreen and moisturizer before and after, being outside. Wear, at least SPF 30 every day, higher if you are spending time in strong sun, to help protect your skin from skin cancer, wrinkles & sunburn (Black Girl Sunscreen). 

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