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Hi Secrets & Happy Sunday!

Due to family matters, I've been away from you guys, oh how I missed you. I've even been "mia" from my daily exercise. I was so dedicated the first month and a half of the year however, I haven't exercised since mid February. But, that's okay. I began anew this morning with one of my four legged toddlers, Belize. She needs daily exercise, as much as, I do, lol.

We had a nice 30 minute walk in nature's crisp morning air. We were able to see the flowers blooming, the trees with new leaves shining through, the birds were chirping and let's not forget the bumblebees, oh my. It's just a blessing, privilege and honor to be apart of His plan. I do not take it lightly. I know much is to be expected of me! Just the feeling of new and awareness, puts all into perspective.

Secrets, get out there today and enjoy the sun's rays, the wind blowing and listening to all that Nature has to say. You won't be disappointed. You will walk in such happiness.



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