The Journey of a Secret

Victoria Bell

Happy New Year & Wonderful, New Beginnings!

Secrets Bath & Body Bar is extremely Excited for 2018. We have new & exciting products, events, discounts & blogs for You! And, what better day, to begin, than today. Starting today, every month, Secrets Bath & Body Bar will feature "The Journey of a Secret". The article will be an intimate feature, of a beautiful (or handsome) & unique individual, willing to share their life, their education, their skincare regimen, world views on various topics, their life philosophy and more. 

I'm excited to share, with you, our first Secret, Ebony J. Rogers. This delightful, young woman was so forthcoming and engaging. She definitely outshined me, during my interview, lol. I'm very proud to present Ebony and her Journey!

- Miss Rogers, please tell me a little, about yourself.

"I'm originally from Savannah, Georgia but, I have called Atlanta 'home', for the last twelve years. In August 2005, I attended Oglethorpe University and four years later, earned a B.S. Accounting degree. In 2015, I became a CPA, licensed in the state of Georgia. I'm currently employed, as an Accounting Manager, for a nonprofit organization. In the near future, I plan to establish my own nonprofit organization and travel the country and inspire women to pursue their  dreams, God has placed on their heart". 

- What are some of your interests and hobbies?

"I love fine arts such as, the ballet and opera. I frequent The Fox Theatre, several times a year. I truly love and admire live music, festivals, outdoor concerts and traveling".

- Do you have a skincare regimen? If so, when did you begin & why?

"With 30 approaching, I implemented a regimen 2017. I wash my face daily with either black soap or Neutrogena. I shower with Dove and use either Palmer's Cocoa Butter or organic shea butter, to moisturize my skin. This is my daily ritual".

- Have you ever tried (used) natural and/or organic products?

"I have used natural products. I noticed that, they did not strip my skin, of it's natural oils. In fact, they have often led to a more vibrant and youthful appearance".

- Interesting, lol. Now, would you please define, to you, fashion, style and tend. Also, do they correlate or differ? Lastly, which describes you?

"To me, fashion is based on trends, at that current moment, in time. So, I'd probably say, those two are synonymous. On the other hand, I believe style is better defined, as one's distinctive signature appearance. It's the articles of clothing and accessories, that make him or her, stand out and feel beautiful. When it comes to my personal style, I generally stick to classic pieces. It's very rare, for me, to purchase an article of clothing because it's trendy, at the time. In fact, I have pieces, in my closet, that I've owned 7+ years. The staples of my wardrobe includes blazers (in neutral colors), little black dresses, pumps (different hues and prints) and a couple pair of jeans. Oh, and cocktail and evening dresses! You never know when you will have to dress up for a night on the town, lol".

- Do you consider yourself, to be, a Naturalista? If so, why?

"I've worn my hair, in it's natural state, for the last 5 years. I did not do the "big chop" instead, I chose to slowly transition. I would have my relaxed ends trimmed, when appropriate. Prior to transitioning, my hair was thin and wouldn't grow much. However, over the last few years, I've seen improvement with the health and length of my". 

- Do you exercise? If so, why and how often? Lastly, do you believe exercising is important?

"Going i2016, I decided to take my health, much more serious! So, I got a membership, at LA Fitness and started working out five times a week. I initially began walking, on the treadmill, for an hour each time. Then used weights to tone my legs, arms and back. However, moving forward, I will shorten the amount of time walking and focus solely on cardio/weight training. Exercise is essential for a healthy and sustainable life and lifestyle".

- As, we come to a closing, let me ask you, what is your outlook on life?

"Every year, I set a theme, for my birthday which, I live by for the next twelve months. For age thirty, my theme is: 'Enjoy it. Because it's happening"! Each day, I get to define what 'it' is in m life. And because of that, I want to make every effort to enjoy it, savor it, cherish it and embrace it. Why? Because, either way, it's happening! Over time, I have found the power, of my own voice and I am grateful for that. I have a strong faith, in God and I have literally watched Jesus, toss the mountains, in my life; into the sea. Life isn't perfect but, it is good"!

Great interview and interaction! Thank You so much for being our first "Journey of a Secret".








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