The Biggest Misconception about When to Use Sunscreen

Victoria Bell

It's spring and summer is approaching. With that, you will enjoy the beach, hiking trails, lounging on their deck, playing fetch with your furry family members, etc. These fun filled activities may be for a short period of time or hours on end. Whichever, make sure to apply SPF and finishing serum (cream). The benefits of SPF are amazing.
First, let's define SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is the key ingredient in sunscreen and finishing serum, commonly known as moisturizer, cold cream, etc., which protects your skin from the sun's UVB - ultraviolet radiation rays. It is imperative to use both daily. Many only think of applying sunscreen in hot, dry climate (weather). This is the biggest misconception for the application of sunscreen. Radiation is in the environment every second of the day. Whether it is raining, snowing, cloudy, winter, etc. make sure to apply sunscreen and moisturizer before and after being outside.
Remember, sunscreen protects your skin form the damage of exposure to the sun's rays (radiation) and moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated, restores it's natural oils and maintains your youthful glow.
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