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Hope your Sunday, officially one week into the New Year, is going Fab. I want to discuss the topic "Beautiful Skin". I am asked daily "what do you do to your skin"? "Your skin is beautiful, it glows". "How can I get skin like yours"? I take these kind words, as they are, a compliment however, I follow each with "you're skin beautiful, also". Even if there maybe areas of facial challenges, I assure each individual, EVERYONE has beautiful skin. We must each be comfortable and confidant , in knowing so.

I was blessed genetically to have, what is perceived as beautiful skin but, I too, must maintain a daily regimen of care, exercise, diet, sleep and water intake. But, let me be clear, I too, get lazy and sway away from exercise, proper rest (sleep), etc. I decided during the Holiday Season, I would hold myself accountable for my actions. My weight is, let's not say, my soda intake is through the rood and I couldn't remember the last time I went to the gym or exercised. I thought of the last conversation, I had with my ob-gyn "don't let your numbers affect your numbers". Then, I read a facebook posting "why wait until a "new year" for new beginnings? A new year could be the second you decide to be accountable for your decision". That was another "ah hah" moment for me. I decided changes are within me, not a new year and it was time to put my game face on and begin. Plus, I have too many clothes, I can't fit into, lol.

I began my journey January 3, 2017. I got up that morning (6 am), headed to my neighborhood Community Center, signed in at 7:03 am and began my workout, I did 35 minutes on the treadmill and 6 minutes on the elliptical. I could not have been prouder. I challenge you to do the same. Get up and get started. Don't concentrate on the time, that will increase in time. The same as I, we're going to focus on consistency, motivation, energy and determination. You and I are not going to let "our numbers affect our numbers". We're in this together however, your journey is your journey and my journey is my journey. Together, we will reach our individual goals. We will see results and make exercise a daily insert in our journals!

What we have to realize, yes, the proper techniques plus natural bath and body products enhance our beauty BUT, diet, exercise, stress, etc are key components; that may reflect "our natural glow and radiant skin". Remember, we're in this together and we challenge each other to do better BECAUSE we now better!

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