Reasons to Use Aloe Vera on Your Face & Skin

Victoria Bell

The incredibly useful Aloe plant has been prized, as a healing herbal remedy, since ancient times. Not only does it nourish the body, from within - aiding in digestion, providing beneficial nutrients & boosting immune function - but, it can be used topically, to enhance the health & beauty of your face, skin, hair & more.

Here are 6 reasons to put Aloe Vera gel on your face & skin:

1 - Soothe Sunburn

With anti-inflammatory and cooling properties, Aloe Vera is the perfect remedy for sunburned skin. It provides a protective layer to the skin, which helps retain moisture. Aloe is also rich in antioxidants and minerals, which can help speed healing.

2 - Moisturize

For a moisturizer, that doesn't leave a greasy film on our face, look no further than Aloe Vera. It softens the skin without clogging pores. It can also, be used, as an aftershave treatment; as it will both hydrate the skin and help razor burn and small nicks.

3 - Accelerate Wound Healing

Aloe is most commonly used, as a topical treatment for cuts, burns and other wounds - and with good reason. Aloe speeds up skin cell reproduction by, as much as, eight times and penetrates the epidermis (the outer layer of skin) four times faster than water.

4 - Fight Aging

As it is rich in vitamins C and E and beta carotene, Aloe may have some anti- aging qualities. It's anti - inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and it's ability to lighten blemishes, also help it take years of your face. Also, Aloe can be taken in supplements, which increases the body's production of collagen and improves elasticity in just 90 days!

5 - Reduce Acne and Infection

Those with acne may want to try Aloe Vera's gentle cleansing and antimicrobial properties to  treat their pimples. Aloe Vera's antibacterial, antiseptic and anti - inflammatory properties protect the skin from bacteria and other pathogens, which lead to infection and inflammation.

6 - Lighten Blemishes

Because of it's abilities, to speed up skin cell reproduction, fight inflammation and reduce redness, Aloe Vera is a great natural treatment for acne scars and stretch marks.

Remember, if you treat Mother Nature Good & in return, she will treat you Great!


---- reading courtesy of Natural Living Ideas

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