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Victoria Bell

I'm always asked "do you use your soaps"? "What do yo use on your skin"? "What can I do for my skin"? "How can I get my skin to look like yours"? And so much more. The answer is "No One's Skin is Alike". We each have unique skin, that has individual needs, care and regiment. However, we each can begin by taking care of "our" skin and according to it's need(s).

Yes, I test (use) each soap, scrub, body butter and bath bomb, I carry. With each try, I walk away saying "this is my favorite", lol. I enjoy the various scents, the rich lather, the softness of my skin, after a warm shower or the enjoyment of playing with the bubbles from the bombs. I'm a firm believer of not contaminating my skin (and body) with toxins and poisons from chemicals. I love the secrets, that nature offers freely, to each of us. Now, am I perfect, no way. I drink my glasses of water daily. I'm incorporating a healthy diet into my daily routine but, it's a struggle resisting sweets (my weakness). I get between 6-8 hours of sleep nightly. And. I'm enjoying the results from my exercising (4-5 times weekly.

What I ask of my clients, do not get caught into someone else's standards of beauty! You're you and I'm me. We're different but, the same. We each need encouragement and confidence. Self love and esteem begins with you which exudes on the outside. Our skin ill never look alike but, we can definitely share the same product (natural), regiment and care secrets.

Until next time...XoXo

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