I Owe Myself So Many Apologies

Victoria Bell

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Have you ever thought about apologizing to yourself? We spend so much time apologizing to others, for whatever reason, that we never take into consideration, apologizing to ourselves. Apologizing to one's self, is often times, a challenging reflection. Apologizing is a deep conversation (or several) with yourself. The question is "are you ready to travel back down memory lane"?

When I revisit my traveled path, I have so many "growths", which I never name "regrets". I have learned, that I made the best decisions, at the time, for my circumstance(s). Those decisions made me who I am today or they're molding me for the woman, I am to become. With that being said, I do understand I must apologize to myself for not loving me enough. I apologize to me for putting others before me. I apologize for loving hard and passionately. I apologize to me for speaking suddenly rather than processing the moment. I have much to apologize for However, I have no regrets, Only experiences.

Thank you me for Loving me...


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