Does Fashion Determine Masculinity?

Victoria Bell

A few weeks ago, I did a repost of a gentleman, wearing the latest fashion trend; the romper. I asked the question "yay or nay? Why or why not"? The overwhelming reply was nay. The why not was "not masculine and in bad taste. I ask, does fashion determine a man's masculinity?

Personally, I am not in favor of a man wearing a romper. To me, it's not flattering to a man's physique. However, I wouldn't go, as far as, saying a man, who wears a romper, is not a man. Whether a man or woman, fashion is enhanced by either gender. To say a man is not masculine because he choses to wear a romper, is the same as saying a woman wearing masculine suit, makes her less feminine.

Either gender should be able to wear what is flattering to their body type, personal taste and personality. Fashion is a statement not a judgement call. Fashion sparks conversation. Fashion challenges the status quo. Fashion is individuality and uniqueness. Fashion however, is not the definition of masculinity or feminism!


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