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Smooches, Secrets!

I am so very pleased and honored to share with you, the journey of this month's Secret, Ms. Sheila Lee. Sheila is the owner of the "Color Spot Salon", in Atlanta, Georgia. She's such an amazing woman, friend and entrepreneur. Her energy is contagious and oh, her spiritual awareness of self, is phenomenal! Without further adieu, here's Ms. Color Spot Salon....

Hey Vickie!! 

First, of all, thank you! Thank you for thinking of me, to engage with you and your audience, about my habits and rituals. It's very kind of you!

So, about me:

I get to play Barbie, each day and connect on a deep level with each guest, who sits in my chair. You know, when you want to makeover your hair style, with a different color or haircut, or create a youthful appearance, I am the one. With a Life Strategies Coaching Certificate, we are able to explore and discover, who you are and who you want to present in your community. I believe, I offer each guest a luxury experience, that's way more than hair. I listen.

When not in the studio, I absolutely love being with my pups, hanging out with friends, going to the movies (sometimes, I just want to eat popcorn, watching the flick, is a bonus) and checking out all the coffee shops, I can!

When I was employed, by a medical spa, seven years ago, it was then, I learned the importance of skincare. Each evening, I remove my makeup (there was a time, I wouldn't do this....I know, I know, I know) and use a serum, my facialist recommended, for rosacea & then hyloronic acid moisturizer, before crawling into bed. Once a week, I have spa day, at home, using an exfoliating scrub and mask sheet. I love how easy these are to use and how funny they look.

I have lots of organic and natural products. I am sort of a product junkie, when it comes to potions and creams and cleansers (oh my) for my face. Now body cleansers, I only use organic and natural soaps from SECRETS BATH & BODY BAR!! Which, I have been using for 3 - 4 years. I can't use anything else on my body, NOTHING! The scent options are to die for and some smell good enough to eat. I won't use anything else, ever again. My skin is soft and moisturized, I love them.

I have recently transitioned to a flexitarian diet, which is eating vegetarian with some meat eating occasionally. My body and mind  crave the nuts, fruits, berries and veggies. I am having fun with this and loving how my body is responding.

Yoga is my jam!! I find a body in motion stays in motion. A daily practice of yoga, keeps me sane and stretched. I enjoy and fascinated, that yoga has been around for centuries. It elevates my mind, body and spirit. WIN! WIN! WIN!

I live simply and minimalist. My outlook on life is positive and in the present moment. I say yes to new adventures and I am a life learner. There is always a silver lining around each cloud, that may hover. A gentle breeze, can open a new way and attitude towards any life challenge. We are what, we have learned in life. My motto is "it's nothing more (than it is) and nothing less (than it is)... it is


Sheila Lee


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