5 Secrets You Need to Know about SPF

Victoria Bell

Did you know, that applying SPF and moisturizer daily, your skin will thank you? SPF is the key ingredient in products, that protects your skin from the sun's rays. Besides this wonderful benefit, did you know there are other benefits? Let's list them:
1 - prevention of sunburn
2 - prevention of premature aging
3 - prevention of skin cancer
4 - prevention of age spots
5 - enhances the health of your skin
6 - great cosmetic factor
7 - better protection than long sleeve
8 - wide variety to chose from at inexpensive rates
9 - prevents or reduces blotchiness of the skin, more so the facial area and lastly,
10 - prevents tanning
So no matter the season and/or weather, be sure to apply sunscreen and moisturizer daily, Remember, radiation is in the environment every second of the day.
Another Secret for Cleaner, Clearer and Healthier skin...

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