5 Reasons to Say No to Palm Oil

Victoria Bell

Why should we say no to palm oil? Here are the five top reasons why:

- Palm oil heavily contributes to deforestation. The palm oil industry plays a major human induced climate change due to the clearing of the world's most precious, carbon capturing forests. Leveling forests not only impacts the climate, it poses a threat to endangered species that live in these tropical areas.

- Palm oil is driving orangutans to extinction. Scientists predict that the fragile orangutan population could become extinct within our lifetime, if we continue to destroy their natural habitats and homes, for palm oil plantations. Often times, these innocent and precious animals are killed for game.

- Palm oil is driving other endangered species toward extinction, too. Tigers, elephants and more are being targeted for game, ivory, prey, etc as more and more rainforest and untouched land is being discovered.

- Palm oil as an industry is riddled with human rights abuses. 3.7 million people work in the palm oil industry and thousands are child laborers forced to work. Many are pulled into the industry through debt bondage and/or human trafficking.

- Palm oil's just not good for you - plain and simple. Palm oil is high in saturated fats. After trans fat was banned from snack foods, companies began to use palm oil as a "healthy" alternative. This is not true. A diet rich in palm oil may increase your LDL cholesterol levels, similar to the consumption of trans fat.

What can we do to bring awareness, as well as, offer an alternative? You can begin with using products labeled "Green Palm Sustainability" and "Certified Sustainable Palm Oil RSPO (TM)". We must all do our part to save our rainforests, endangered species, our planet and stop human trafficking.


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