About Secrets...

Secrets Bath & Body Bar is a natural bath and body products carrier, that houses the earth's and nature's "finest secrets". With proper cleansing techniques, a healthy, daily regimen (diet, exercise & water intake) and the right essentials, your natural beauty will be enhanced and embellished.

Secrets Bath & Body Bar is dedicated to those, who are not only fixated with the care, maintenance and intimacy, of their skin but also, the wonders and secrets of natural products.

Secrets...the Key to Unlock your Natural Beauty...

Ssh...Got a Secret

Your Invitation to explore, endulge & enjoy in Nature's Finest Secrets

The Sweet & Sensuous

Secrets of a Naturalista


The soaps lather easily and made my skin clear up in a couple of days.  The smell of the soaps were also refreshing.   

Maya J

I love, love, love the peppermint soap! It smells Amazing, my skin feels refreshing and the peppermint scent lingers for hours in my bathroom. This is a must try and must have soap!


I will NEVER go back to regular soap again, NEVER!

Stacy D.

I purchased many different soaps, as stocking stuffer gifts. The Christmas Candy bar, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Carrot & Honey facial bar, Deep Sea Mud facial bar. The women in my family LOVED them! My fave are the peppermint and eucalyptus. So refreshing! Great Products!

Ellie Conway

These soaps are to die for! I have almost everyone one of them and I swear, I'm never going back to regular soap. These are my new babies.

Dale W.